Luxury Camping in the heart of Australia

Luxury and camping are not often used in the same sentence, however located in the heart of Australia is Longitude 131. This unique resort allows you to escape whilst taking care of your every need – nothing is too much trouble for the extremely attentive and welcoming staff.

Longitude 131 – On Approach to Uluru Airport

Having had a glimpse of the resort on approach to the airport, I, along with my husband, could not wait to collect our bags and be transported to the resort. Walking into the terminal members of the Longitude 131 team are there to welcome you, they retrieve your bags (this is were the being spoilt theme starts), tag them with your tent (yes tent), number and guide you to the waiting 4×4 to whisk you off to the extremely secluded resort. The resort is made up of 15 Luxury Tents (so the maximum number of guest that can be accommodated in one night is 30), one large tent (which is considered your lounge area and dining area), a small (but ample), pool, a dune top viewing area and a secret outdoor dining location. Checking in is a very casual yet personal experience, each arrival is allocated a Guest Service Host who runs through the prepared itinerary (which is totally flexible), and makes you feel at home accompanied by a glass of Champagne.

Sunset, Champagne & Uluru

The tents are named after explorers to Uluru, we were allocated Tent 12 – named after Peter Severin. Located in the front row we had un-interrupted views of Uluru (all rooms have full view of Uluru), and due to it being out of season not all the tents were allocated, giving the feeling of even more remoteness (not even a member of the wildlife walked/flew passed our room). Having toured the room, and freshened up, I decided to join the afternoon tour to Uluru, Mala Walk and Kantju Gorge. The tour guide Brenton shared the story of the region as he had been taught. I must point out in a previous life I was a tour guide and depending on the location it is easy to regurgitate the story in a “as a matter of fact” style -this was not the case. It was obvious that Brenton has a passion for this region and a deep respect for the Anangu people who reside at Uluru. As the sun was setting and the group rounded the corner we were greeted by other Longitude 131 staff with some wine and cheese to enjoy in the spectacular surroundings.

Tent 12 – Longitude 131

The tours are on a 2 day rotation, so giving guests plenty of variety as we were staying for 4 nights so we took a day off from the organised tours and made our way over to the main resort of Yulara for a meander through the shops and wildlife displays before making our way to the spa for a well deserved treatment. The spa is located within the Sails in the Desert property and I’m only sorry I did not have my camera with me. The room, located on the first floor, was larger than most couple’s spa rooms. We relaxed in our bath whilst overlooking the pool area of the resort before settling down for our choice of massage. Both therapists were very professional and I know mine certainly found some knots I never knew existed!!

Dining at Longitude 131

Not to detract from the splendour and magnificence of Uluru, however, the cuisine at Longitude 131 comes very close to doing so. Breakfast and lunch are a la carte, however if you fancy something off menu, they will be delighted to prepare that for you. During lunch the evening menu, is is presented, which allows you to ensure that all the courses are suitable to your requirements. One dining experience that you will always remember is “Table 131 – Dining under the stars”. After watching the sunset over Uluru the Longitude team take you to a secret location, where you, along with your fellow guests enjoy a mouthwatering three course meal, accompanied by the sounds of the Didgeridoo and a fine selection of wines (matched to each course). This is an opportunity to chat to your fellow guests and share experiences of your stay at Uluru. The night finishes with a Star Talk, as a Northern Hemisphere girl many of the stars and constellations I had only heard of were clearly visible.

Champagne from the Dune Top

Sadly like all good things, they must come to an end. I don’t think words can ever describe the feeling of waking up and seeing Uluru from your bed and how the colours of the rock continuously change throughout the day, so here is the link to my photographs from Uluru. ┬áMy husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the luxury camping experience of Longitude 131, they certainly do spoil you and not only do you come away from the resort relax, you are also a little bit more educated too.

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NOTE: These are my own opinions of Longitude 131, this is not a sponsored post.